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To The Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter by Jesse Parent 

Yeah, I wish I had a dad who loved me this much. 

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I wanna do a nude shoot.
But first get in better shape.

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I’m one of the drunk ones.

I’m one of the drunk ones.

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I fought your little sparks with brush fires, and perhaps it wasn’t fair. Maybe I should have figured out how badly I, myself, had been burned before I made ashes of you and your belongings.

Forgive me.

I thought that when things died we were allowed cremate them. Even if they died by flame, we could burn them again.

So I lit you up, once more.

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I tried, for years, to shake you off. Woke up daily with the taste of your name in my mouth. Sang songs for you in my head, off-key. I made this an entire city full of places where I avoid you. Promised my heart I would keep it suspended in mid-air forever. Told my body it would feel again.

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#And I'm still waiting 
It’s totally okay to smoke on Easter.


Plus, Easter candy for munchies doesn’t sound bad at all

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I want a hug.
A hug so tight that as the person is squeezing me I can feel my body get lighter as everything I’m feeling and thinking just leaves my body.
That’s what I want.

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it takes a lot of discipline not to snapchat nasty shit

#My snapchats be flagrant.

prove it

I struggle with this.

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