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I never realize just how much I miss being around my boys until I’m around them again all at the same time. I love those men man. They’re hilarious.

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its so hard to be positive when you’re bleeding from your vagina

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Baes.  (at Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, Whitney Museum)

Baes. (at Jeff Koons: A Retrospective, Whitney Museum)

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Summer doesn’t know if she wants to stay or go. But I want her to stay.

Summer doesn’t know if she wants to stay or go. But I want her to stay.

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In light of the recent events happening in Ferguson, MO, Lost Queens wanted to bring attention to the issue of disproportionate police brutality within the black and brown communities across the United States of America.

Each piece of the new collection is dedicated to a fallen African American woman or girl that was taken from their loved ones at the hands of deadly force.

We encourage you to reach beyond mainstream media to understand what is going on regarding #MikeBrown’s tragic, brutal, and enraging murder. Some great resources would be the Twitter feeds of @AntonioFrench, brownblaze, nettaaaaaaaa, and @MariaChappelleN.

Please visit @ShaunKing’s petition for outlined federal changes that need to be enacted regarding law enforcement.

If you would like to donate to the family of #MikeBrown, please visit the family’s GoFundMe Memorial Fund.

As you browse the new collection, please take a moment and read the descriptions for a brief overview of the Lost Queens stories. Lost Queens will be donating a portion of the proceeds from this collection to the Justice For Mike Brown Memorial Fund.

#Ferguson, we stand with you. <3


Rekia Boyd was an innocent bystander in a Chicago park when she was shot in the head by an off-duty police officer responding to a disturbance call. The officer was aiming for another person on the suspicion of having a gun, which was later revealed to be a cell phone. A year later, her killer Officer Dante Servin was charged with involuntary manslaughter, reckless discharge of a firearm and reckless conduct. Her family was awarded a $4.5 million dollar settlement but that can never bring Rekia back. The case is still pending.

Rekia - $15 (SHOP HERE)

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  • 9 inches total length


Aiyana Jones was only 7 years old when she was shot during a botched Detroit, Michigan raid. Police officers threw a flash grenade through the home of Aiyana’s grandmother to capture a man suspected of murder. They then shot through the open door, striking Aiyana. The suspect was found on the upper floor of the duplex and surrendered without incident. After a year, Officer Joseph Weekly was indicted for involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment with a gun. His trial resulted in a deadlocked jury. A new trial has been scheduled, however Aiyana’s family reports of constant police intimidation.

Aiyana - $20 (SHOP HERE)

  • Gunmetal statement necklace with black and gunmetal gemstones
  • Black silk twisted rope chain
  • Lobster Claw Closure
  • 9 inches necklace length
  • 3 inch extension chain
  • 12 inch total length of chain from extension to tip


Tarika Wilson was shot and killed during an Ohio police raid, along with her then 14-month-old son. The police entered the home with guns drawn looking for her significant other on drug trafficking charges. Sgt. Joesph Chavalia was cleared of all charges after a three hour deliberation by an all-white jury.

Tarika - $10 (SHOP HERE)

•               Gold stretch fit ball tipped wrapped gold ring

•               Adjustable fit


Kathryn Johnston was 92 years old when Atlanta undercover/plain clothes officers barged into her home in a botched drug raid. Not knowing who they were, she fired a single shot from an old pistol kept for self-defense. In return, the three officers fired a collective 39 bullets, hitting Kathryn 5 or 6 times. She was handcuffed as she was dying. Officers also planted three bags of marijuana in the home after no drugs were found. Officers Jason Smith, Gregg Junnier and Arthur Tesler were tried for manslaughter and other charges surrounding falsification and were sentenced to ten, six and five years.

Kathryn - $10 (SHOP HERE)

•               Studded stretch fit wrapped gold ring

•               Adjustable fit


Shantel Davis was observed in Brooklyn, NY running three lights by plain clothes officers. She then crashed into a parked minivan where she was approached by the officers. There are conflicting reports about what then happened. Officers said she attempted to flee, eyewitnesses said she was trapped and did not try to flee. Shantel was shot in the chest and then told to step out of the car. She stumbled to the ground where she died in the arms of an onlooker. She was unarmed. No charges were filed against Detective Phil Atkins.

Shantel- $15 (SHOP HERE)

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Although 19 year old Renisha McBride was not killed by law enforcement, her murder is an example of the effects of racial profiling/racial tensions in this country that are underscored by police’s use of deadly/excessive force. After a car accident Renisha was involved in, she wandered to neighbor’s homes to knock on doors and ask for assistance. She was shot through the screen door on the porch of homeowner Theodore Wafer. He’s been convicted of second degree murder and is awaiting sentencing.

Renisha - $10 (SHOP HERE)

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Gabriella Nevarez was 22 years old and bipolar when she got into an argument with her grandmother and took the keys to her car. After reporting the vehicle as stolen, police pursued Gabriella. When she attempted to get out of the car and surrender, they fired at her several times, and she died on the scene. Both officers are on administrative leave, and the Sacramento Sheriff’s office says it’s an open investigation.

 Gabriella - $15 (SHOP HERE)

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Pearlie Golden was 93 years old when Texas officer shot her 4-5 times, hitting her at least twice in her own home. She was shot after refusing to put her own revolver down when her nephew took her car keys. Officer Stephen Stem was fired immediately in a unanimous decision, noting he had an unusually high number of incidents that year.

Pearlie - $10 (SHOP HERE)

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Yvette Smith opened door for officers responding to a domestic dispute call. Smith’s boyfriend was already outside and when officers ordered her out of the home, they say they thought she had a gun and opened fire. She died at the hospital. No gun was found. Officer Daniel Willis’ training records were tampered with. He had been signed off on training he had never taken. Two supervisors received demotions and suspension in the wake of this tragedy. Willis is on paid administrative leave and the Texas Rangers are investigating the incident.

Yvette - $10 (SHOP HERE)

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Absolutely needed after my work day ended like trash.

Absolutely needed after my work day ended like trash.

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Possibly because Jamaicans don&#8217;t speak creole asshat

Possibly because Jamaicans don’t speak creole asshat

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